Volume III Issue #1

Welcome everyone to our exciting new web site! Our goal is to provide you with the most information about the best valued, unfinished Pine, Poplar & Maple cabinetry line in the Northeast. We will continue to improve on our site utilizing the technical questions you ask. So, thank you for your comments.
As you see described in the spec pages, we are not your ordinary cabinet company. Our all solid wood construction is standard, using plywood only on backs and drawer bottoms.
We can make your most desired ideas and designs a reality, at an affordable price. If you live in New England or Eastern New York, chances are there is one of our loyal dealers ready to follow your thoughts home. From built-ins to stand alone units, from bookcases to broom closets, we can do it for you.

 The seasons are changing again, as they always do, and as they say “time flies when you’re making cabinets”. Spring has sprung and along with that some really exciting news about our FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council) third party audit….... WE PASSED.... “Hey Mom, we got an A” and not only that, The Governor himself sent his congratulations.  (Why is it dated April 1st though?)

 Classes in the new Young U classroom are going great! We have successfully had over 110 designers here for training, all leaving satisfied with a better understanding of just what our capabilities are and what we have to offer to the consumer. In addition to the in-house training, marketing manager Paul Oppold has been quite busy training an equal number of designers on site. We, on the other hand, have listened to them about what people are looking for.

 Some upcoming changes and additions to the product line will include full overlay and inset designs. We are also incorporating the “cup” hinge to these lines. Keep checking as our web master Al Sanderson adds some pictures and more information.  

 The interest in our new Red Maple is really heating up. In just a few short months, we have processed close to 10,000 board feet. This surely will grow and our friends (supplier) at Collins Hardwood have informed us this is a plentiful, renewable material.

 How about another little bit of GREEN ?  Saint Patty’s day may have come and gone again but we keep our green on all the time. After all, who can you get cabinets, custom built to last your lifetime and then some? The decision to place a green label on Young Furniture’s product line was not the starting point in our path to green; it was however, a decision of discovery. We are fortunate to be located in New Hampshire because our region’s abundance of natural resources, our culture, and our history have played an integral albeit frequently unrecognized role in the development of the business process that is our green foundation. We are dependent upon sustainability of the forest.
 Good for the environment also performs well in the home. Due to the choices made by the leaders at Young Furniture, our cabinets carry the distinction for healthy living as evidenced by our inclusion in The Healthy Home as a preferred provider of wood products. Those same historic decisions made it possible for YF to acquire FSC Certification with minimal impact on our production line. Our FSC Certification, product performance and green manufacturing processes led to an endorsement and listing as a manufacturer of environmentally preferred cabinetry in The GreenSpec.

 Most importantly, dedication to our environment will provide the greatest return of all, a healthy environment, indoors and out, for future generations.



Each newsletter features an outstanding member of our team.
This newsletter is dedicated to our oldest craftsman Chris Huntley

I don’t mean his age; I’m talking about years at YF. Chris has been with us for going on 26 years and has known of YF from the beginning. In Webster’s Dictionary, when you look up the word craftsman you should be looking at a picture of Chris. He joined us when the total work force was only 3; so actually, he added 33% to the crew. Chris has worked in every department and has been instrumental in the development and improvement of each, including the facility we are in today. Currently, as our CNC programmer and operator, special requests on the many various custom cabinets produced, prove not to be a challenge for him.  When something breaks down, Chris is often there to assist or mend the situation, never afraid to get his hands dirty. There is no doubt Chris is an asset to the team, he is very worthy of this dedication!   Thank You Chris!


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